From Spain with Design

Brand Identity

From Spain with Design

Brand Identity

From Spain With Design (FSWD), is a project by READ (Red Española de Asociaciones de Diseño – Spanish Network of Design Associations).

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The project is proposed as a mainly online tool for the projection of Spanish design at an international level, as a platform to increase its visibility inside and outside our borders, to put it in value, and to attract the attention of companies, professionals and institutions interested in the sector.

Here at Nueve we have created a brand based on the concept “From Spain to the world”.

The result is a brand in movement with 4 steps, capable of adapting to a wide variety of media, both online and in print, and to future application needs.

The brand can be used either in movement or in a static way; in black and white, or black, white and gradient. A brand created with Adrian Frutiger’s Univers, a bold type that confers personality and visibility.

The use of the arrow symbol reinforces the idea of taking Spanish design to the rest of the world. In the same way, the corporate gradient is used as an alternative version of the Spanish flag.

The brand brings together different design sectors – product, graphic, space and services – on a simple and contemporary graphic, capable of putting the Spanish design on the map.



Year: 2018
Client: READ, Red Española de Asociaciones de diseño.
Sector: Empresas
Category: Identity

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