Valencia Municipal


The Cultural Action Service of the Valencia City Council commissioned us to redesign the brand of its Library Network, the communicative actions on this change, and the signage for the 33 libraries that make it up.

The signage assignment comes from the need to homogenize the libraries and to give consistency to the network.

The network used to suffer a formal incoherence regarding the coexistence of media and materials, with a lack of scale depending on the importance of the signal. There was also graphic incoherence in pictographic, chromatic codes etc. In summary, an excess of signals and visual contamination which ultimately harmed the user.

The corporate typography which will be used throughout the signaling system is Graphik. Designed by Christian Schwartz, this typeface has a clean, clear style, so it is ideal for the readability of the signs.

One of the conditions of the signaling system is that each center must be autonomous and can print some messages that will then be inserted into the signals. Therefore, we have chosen A4, the standard printer format, as the reference size.

For the Children and Youth audience, a code is established with numbers and colors associated with these ages.

The pictographic code has been designed expressly for the Municipal Libraries of Valencia according to criteria of clarity, readability and comprehensibility.

For this use we have created a system that goes beyond the graphic correction or location of signals by giving a constructive solution that organizes the different messages and gives formal coherence to the unique and particular discourse of the Library Network.

A system that may function in any architectural environment; the project is not located in a single space, so it must work in each one of the buildings.
Singling out the signage system to enhance the communicative identity, adding value to the new brand and its codes, and reinforcing the global view.
This system allows the Libraries to be autonomous when printing messages by using Open Office templates, so they can place them on different media. The system must be agile, practical and easy to use.
For all this reasons, it is a signage based on the optimization of resources and materials.


Year: 2018
Client: Valencia City Council, Cultural Action Service
Sector: Public Administration
Field: Spaces, Signage
Project in collaboration with The Graphic Bureau

For each of the narrative genres we hace created pictograms that will show on the spine labels and on the signs identifying thematic content.

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