El Musical Theater, TEM 2019


El Musical Theater, TEM 2019


Valencia City Council commissioned us to design the programs for La Mutant and El Musical simultaneously. Two different graphics united in the use of: red, blue, white and black.

Poster TEM
mupis tem_1
Nueve Estudio- TEM-1
Nueve Estudio- TEM-2
Nueve Estudio- TEM-4
mupis tem_1 nueve
lona tem_2 nueve
lona tem_1 nueve
Bbanners prensa
Nueve Estudio- TEM-9
Nueve Estudio- TEM-8
Nueve Estudio- TEM-10
vitrinas tem_2
Nueve Estudio- TEM-7
folleto tem_1
folleto tem_2
folleto tem_3


The TEM is a cultural located in a former 1920s movie that programs, dance, concerts and conferences in the neighborhood of El Cabanyal. It is a milestone in the cultural map of the city of Valencia, with quality and contemporary programming.

For the graphics we have focused on the geometric elements that make up the tiles on the facades of the typical fishermen houses of the neighborhood. The result, a series of pieces with a pure and geometric design that becomes stronger with the oversize and abstraction of these motifs.

The chosen typography for the realization of all the pieces has been Helvetica in its regular and extended versions.

Year: 2019
Client: València City Council
Sector: Public Administration
Photography: Álvaro Crivillés
Category: Communication

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